Ottawa County High School Junior and Senior students have an opportunity to earn high school credits for participating in our Career Engagement Opportunity (CEO) Internship Program. The CEO Internship program provides students with a pathway between school and work. Students develop entry level skills in a specific occupation, practice career management, and prepare for employment all while earning high school credit.


  • Students can earn up to 1 school credit (120 hours of internship time).
  • The CHOOSE Program is flexible and presents a wide-range of possibilities of hours/schedules.
  • The CHOOSE Program gives the students an opportunity to “test the waters” of a desired occupation. 
Maintenance Internship
Zookeeper Internship
Social Media Internship
Nursing/Caregiver Internship
Landscaping Internship
Electrical Engineer Internship
Insurance Internship
Childhood Education Internship
Marketing Internship
Automotive Internship

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Can I intern for my family's business?

As much as we want to say yes, this program is meant for you to try out a job/role that you have never experience before (i.e. – maintenance assistant at the Ottawa County Engineer’s Office). Therefore internships with family-owned businesses through the CEO Program will not be accepted. For those of you who are interested in pursuing a education internship (i.e. – a school nurse, teacher, etc.) we highly encourage you to step outside your school and intern at another Ottawa County school.

How does the schedule work for the CEO Program?

Your internship can be done after school, during school, or weekends. The program is meant to be flexible and  our local employers will work with you. So if you are worried about a high school internship affecting your ability to play sports or afterschool activities, we simply ask you to communicate that to the employer you are interning with. Summer internships are not available through this program, however we encourage your to visit and take a look at summer job opportunities.

Is this a paid internship program?

You can earn up to 1 school credit (120 hours of internship time). Those who submit all required documentation at the end of their internship will receive up to a $500.00 stipend. If an employer would like to arrange a paid internship, that would be through the employer. You would not receive a stipend but you would still receive school credit.


1. Speak with your career readiness coordinator or school counselor. They can assist you with choosing which employer you’d like to intern.
2. Reach out to the employer you’re interested in interning for. You want to do this to make sure they are available and so they can get to know you a little better. You’re welcome to set up a meeting/phone call with the employer, and include your career readiness coordinator or school counselor.
3. Complete the form below. You will need to provide your email, your parent/guardian email, career readiness coordinator or school counselor email, and the employer’s email.
4. After you submit the form, your internship has officially begun. There is no “waiting for approval” period. The form is needed for the BAC and your school.



Click below to submit your CEO Internship Questionnaire (presentation) and Internship Log.
All project submissions are due May 1, 2024.