Your business will be able to thrive in the County not just because of a skilled workforce and high quality of life, but because there is a strong network of existing businesses who actively partner together, benchmark and advocate for each other’s continued success and growth. In addition, the state of Ohio’s historic resource-rich workforce and logistics assets with new tax reform and strong incentive packages moves the state to the front of the line when lined up against national rivals.

The Ohio economy is built upon a legacy of strength in manufacturing and innovative thinking. The Ottawa County region is home to companies representing such diverse fields as advanced materials, polymers and advanced manufacturing. The surrounding nine county region of Northwest Ohio sits on Lake Erie and boasts key strengths in transportation and logistics, providing a transportation hub for land, rail, sea and air. All advantages that help Northwest Ohio continue to build in critically important areas that will strengthen the global economy.


Ohio has the lowest taxes in the Midwest, making Ottawa County an extremely profit-friendly business climate for companies that locate here. If you’re one of those companies considering a capital investment in Ohio, here are other ways our tax laws improve your bottom line:

  • Ohio ranks fifth in the nation for cost of doing business
  • No tax on investments in machinery and equipment
  • No tax on product sold to customers outside Ohio
  • No tax on inventory or corporate income
  • First $1 million in gross receipts are tax-free
  • Flat tax on sales between $150,000 – $1 million
  • Recent tax reform reduced tax burden by up to 63%


Northwest Ohio offers some of the lowest industrial electric rates in the Midwest.

  • Industrial electric rates at the location average 4.73 cents per kilowatt hour
  • Energy SIDs available for energy efficiency-related projects
  • Rates in our region are 20 percent below the state average, 25 percent lower than average prices in Indiana, and more than 40 percent lower than average prices in Michigan
Village of Elmore

Electric Rates

(effective 11/2005)

  • Residential
    Customer Charge – $4.50 monthly
    Energy Charge – 0.0758 per KWH
    ER rate code
  • 3 phase small (under 30KW month)
    Customer Charge  – $7.50 monthly
    Energy Charge – 0.0758 per KWH
    ES rate code
  • 1 phase large (over 30KW month)
    Customer Charge  – $4.50 monthly
    Energy Charge – 0.0758 per KWH
    Demand Charge – $3.84 per KW
    EC rate code
  • 3 phase large(under 30KW month)
    Customer Charge  – $15.00 monthly
    Energy Charge – 0.0758 min $50.00
    Demand Charge – $3.84 per KW
    EL rate code
  • Additional Electric Meters
    Energy Charge – 0.0758 per KWH
    Demand Charge – $3.84 per KW
    in excess of 30 KW
    EX rate code
  • Residential Demand Meters (winter)
    All KWH in excess of 125 KWH per KW of monthly billing demand 0.05
  • Yard Lights – $5.00 monthly
  • Ohio KWH Tax (5/2001)
    0-2000 KWH 0.00465 per KWH
    2001-15000 KWH 0.00419 per KWH
    15000+ KWH 0.00363 per KWH

Water Rates

(effective 09/2016 – billing)

  • 1st 200 cubic feet 0.0720 – $14.40 min
    next 600 cf 0.0582 per cf – $34.92
    800+ cf 0.0488 per cf – $39.04
  • (Add 50% outside corporation) 1st 200 cubic feet 0.1080 – $21.60 min
    next 600 cf 0.0874 per cf – $52.44
    800+ cf 0.0733 per cf – $58.64

Sewer Rates

(effective 10/2014 – billing)

  • 1st 200 cubic feet 0.0813 – $16.26 min
    next 400 cf 0.0554 per cf
    next 600 cf 0.0594 per cf
    1200+ cf 0.0513 per cf
  • (Add 50% outside corporation) 1st 200 cubic feet 0.1220 – $24.40 min
    next 400 cf 0.0831 per cf
    next 600 cf 0.0891 per cf
    1200+ cf 0.0770 per cf

Storm Utility

(effective 01/1995)

  • $4.00 per residence per month
  • All bills must be paid on or before the
    5th of the month
  • Utility bills may be paid at BOPA office during business hours, night drop, or by mail


  • Easy access to profitable markets in the U.S. and Canada that lowers your cost of doing business.

  • A strong supply chain across key industries improves your efficiencies and profits.

  • An abundant, skilled labor supply improves productivity, quality and profit.

  • Public-private support eliminates obstacles, lowers cost, accelerates start-up and feeds business growth.

  • Ohio’s perfect balance between professional and personal life attracts and retains the best talent for your company.