High school seniors can jump-start their career in the healthcare field by becoming an STNA through the Ottawa County STNA Program. The purpose of the program is to educate and expose Ottawa County students to the skills and continuing education needed to fill in-demand jobs in Ohio.

Ottawa County high school seniors will receive training all in the first semester of the school year. Students will learn the basics of anatomy, physiology, nutrition and get an understanding of how the body functions. They will understand how to use medical equipment such as blood pressure cuffs and gauges and learn basic medical terminology. The second semester of the school year, students are required to complete a 9-week internship with practical, hands-on experience.


Our Ottawa County employers want to help our students succeed and we encourage you to reach out to them for your 9-week internship. If you need assistance contacting one of the employers below, please email


If you are interested in a tour of the facility and speaking with our STNA Instructor, please contact us. We encourage you to speak with you school counselor or career readiness coordinator before you register.

Registration for the upcoming program year opens January 1 of the current year. If you are a Junior and are interested in attending the program your Senior year, please fill out the form at that time. The deadline for the program is March 31.

Once you submit your submission form, it will be reviewed by members of the Business Advisory Council. We will contact you if there are any questions/concerns. You will find out that you have been accepted into the program before the end of this school year.

Student Information

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"We have been made aware of the details of this program. We understand that this application does not necessarily mean that the student will be accepted into the program. We understand that the student would be subject to all high school rules and school board policies throughout this program. We understand and agree that the student’s participation in this program may be terminated at any time for any reason, and that in this case, the student would be required to report back to their high school."

Email Confirmation

Once you submit the completed form, you will receive an email confirmation along with a copy of your application (be sure to check your junk/spam folder).

Please email with questions.