2019 CEO Internship Program

Posted on: June 12, 2019

12 High School Students Complete Internships with Local Employers

The Ottawa County Business Advisory Council welcomed eleven high school seniors and one high school junior who successfully completed the Career Engagement Opportunities (CEO) Internship Program during the 2019 school year. On April 30 and June 6, each student gave a presentation to the BAC about their internship experience and how it has helped shape their future education and career goals, a requirement of the CEO Internship Program.

  • Ian Kuzma, Danbury High School
  • Noah Stys, Danbury High School
  • Addison Hasselbach, Oak Harbor High School
  • Alison Hopfinger, Oak Harbor High School
  • Austin Martikan, Oak Harbor High School
  • Spencer Segaard, Oak Harbor High School
  • Kylee Wendt, Oak Harbor High School
  • RJ Cooper, Port Clinton High School
  • McKenzie Halsey, Port Clinton High School
  • Madison Kodak, Port Clinton High School
  • Abigail Overmeyer, Port Clinton High School
  • Caitlyn Pipoly, Port Clinton High School

Caitlyn Pipoly of Port Clinton High School interned at the Port Clinton Middle School. “I’m friends with Ana Stahl, who completed the program last year with the Mental Health program at Port Clinton High School,” said Caitlyn. “Ana said it really helped her confirm her future career. I knew that was something that I needed in my life because I like affirmation.”

Kylee Wendt of Oak Harbor High School interned at a local veterinary clinic and decided that wasn’t the route for her. “I recommend students interning in their intended career field,” said Kylee. “They might end up not liking it as much as they thought they would and it’s better to realize that before college instead of after they’ve spent all the time and money on it.”

This is the third year for the CEO Internship Program. The goal of the program is to provide students with opportunities to “test the waters” of a desired occupation. Students engage in the daily work environments of local employers, practice career development, and prepare for employment all while earning high school credit. The program is available for Ottawa County High School Junior and Senior students. If you are a student interested in learning more about the CEO Internship Program, you are encouraged to connect with your high school counselor or check out passed student testimonial videos at www.ocic.biz/ocbac. Businesses interested in participating in this program, please contact the OCIC at 419-898-6242.